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About Us

"Agnaaya" a brand of Audilee Wardrobe Pvt. Ltd.

We at Audilee Wardrobe Pvt. Ltd., under the brand name Agnaaya, sell meaningful fashion in a quintessentially Indian way- going for ethnic chic fashion through well-conceptualized fusion of multi-ethnic designs, that come together to tell unique stories that resonate with our customers.

The word “Agnaaya” translates to “goddess born out of fire”. We at Audilee seek “to celebrate women as goddesses in the crucible of everyday life.”

The brand Agnaaya features women's’ accessories, that feature, and often fuse, several ethnic designs from different parts of India. From dupattas, to handbags, to jewelry, to gift sets- Agnaaya is adorned with around 400+ SKUs, that they sell in a string of boutiques in and around Delhi, as well as online on Amazon, Instagram & Facebook.


About Founders

Cheena Pasrija and Seema Pasrija

Cheena, is an IIM graduate, has the bulk of her prior work experience in lifestyle brands, and in the retail space. She found a founding partner in her mother, Seema Pasrija, a doctor by education, turned home-maker, who always had been a rather fashion forward personality, with a keen eye for designs.

​Cheena Pasrija and Seema Pasrija